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The KSU Department of Museums, Archives, and Rare Books (MARB) began offering virtual internships to students during the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020. Interns produced a variety of digital projects showcased here.

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Youth in Crisis: Children in the Holocaust
This educational module explores the experiences of children during the Holocaust. Through a diverse selection of primary sources, this module tells the story of the millions of children who perished and survived great tragedy.

German Nationalism and the Holocaust: A Reflection on How National Pride Fueled a Genocide
This educational module analyzes the role that German nationalism played in the formation and expansion of Nazi Germany as well as its prosecution of the Holocaust. In redefining what it meant to be "German," the Nazi regime appropriated German…

Displaced Persons Camps: Rebuilding Life After War
This educational module discusses how displaced persons rebuilt their lives after World War II. Displaced persons both repatriated and resettled in various places around the world, and in the process, Jewish DPs pushed forward the idea and eventual…
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