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An Ordinance for the Government of the Territory of the United States North-West of the River Ohio

A document that sets the standards for admitting new states into the union. It also prohibits slavery in the expanded tarritories.

Antisemitism in Europe: A History of Prejudice

Antisemitism in Europe.png
This educational module explores the roots of antisemitism and traces its evolution throughout Europe's history. Understanding the past can help us understand why antisemitic discrimination still occurs today. Throughout this unit you will find…

Appeal of forty thousand citizens, threatened with disfranchisement, to the people of Pennsylvania. Was in response to the Reform Convention.

appeal of forty thoudand citzens pg 1.jpg
This is a manuscript of the writing of Robert Purvis in response to Pennsylvania trying to pass laws to restrict African Americans.

Axis and Allies: The Leaders of World War II

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This educational module examines the primary leaders of the Axis and Allied powers during World War II. Highlighting a diversity of primary and secondary source materials, this unit examines the life and ideologies of the leaders of the six major…

Black Morocco: A History of Slavery, Race and Islam

A secondary source that is an analysis of primary sources about the slavery in Morocco.

Captain Robert Mitchell

This volume contains information regarding a voyage of the ship Fox, a 146 ton brigantine that left Liverpool on March 8, 1774. The ship stopped first in the Cameroons, West Africa, where 148 African people were enslaved and brought aboard. The ship…

Cash! All person that have slaves to dispose of...

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This is a 19th century advertisement for the purchase of slaves.


All persons that have SLAVES to dispose of, will do well by giving me a call, as I will give the highest price for Men, Women, & Children. Any person that…

Combat Photography in America: From the Beginning to World War II

This digital exhibit explores the historical development of combat photography from its inception to the end of World War II. The exhibit includes questions to consider along the way.

Condemnation of Slavery published in Philadelphia

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A photo of Benjamin Lay's publication of abolishing slavery and advocating for anti-slavery through Christian means.