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Europe Before World War I

Audio Guide File for Panel 2 of Voices From the Great War

Gas Attack

Supplement, Gas Attack.jpg
Flanders front. Gas attack, September, 1917.

German Troops Loading Gas Canisters

Supplement, Gas Canister.jpg
German troops load gas projectors. Attempting to exploit a loophole in international laws against the uses of gas in warfare, some German officials noted that only gas projectiles appeared to be specifically banned, and that no prohibition could be…

French Soldiers Wearing Gas Masks

Supplement, French Soldiers .jpg
French soldiers wearing gas masks in a trench, 1917. Gas mask technology varied widely during the war, eventually developing into an effective defense, limiting the value of gas attacks in later years

Introduction Photo

Supplement, Plane and Calvalry.jpg
French Cavalry observe an Army plane fly past

German Airplane

Supplment, German Airplane.jpg
A German Pfalz Dr. I single-seat triplane fighter aircraft, ca. 1918.

Airplane with Rockets

Supplement, Airplane.jpg
A Farman airplane with rockets attached to its struts.

Tank with Troops and Horses

Supplement, Tank and horses.jpg
British Mark I tank, apparently painted in camouflage, flanked by infantry soldiers, mules and horses.

Americans in French Tanks

Supplement, Tanks.jpg
American troops aboard French-built Renault FT-17 tanks head for the frontline in the Forest of Argonne, France, on September 26, 1918.

Abandoned Tanks

Supplement, tank.jpg
Derelict tanks lie strewn about a chaotic battlefield at Clapham Junction, Ypres, Belgium, ca. 1918.