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"Moses" Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, full-length portrait, standing with hands on back of a chair

Map of Slave and Free States

Dred Scott Map.jpg
This is a map of the Slave and Free States and Territories slave states depicted in red and free states and territories depicted in green.

Jonathan Walker in 1848 from an engraving in the book, Trial and imprisonment of Jonathan Walker: at Pensacola, Florida, for aiding slaves to escape from bondage published the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society in Boston

Engraving published as frontpiece of book "Trial and imprisonment of Jonathan Walker: at Pensacola, Florida, for aiding slaves to escape from bondage." Published Boston, at the Anti-Slavery Society Office, 25 Cornhill, 1848

Joint Resolution submitting 13th Amendment to States

Joint Resolution for 13th Amendment.JPG
Resolution of the 13th Amendment, submitted and signed by Abraham Lincoln, as well as being signed by Congress.

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Grace Thorpe Georgia Journeys Exhibit

This online exhibit follows the life experience of Grace Thorpe, an American Indian activist who served in the WAC during World War II and trained at Fort Oglethorpe in Georgia.

The Qur'an Verse 2 Chapter 177

Qur'an Verse 2 Chapter 177.JPG
This is one of the most prominent parts of the Qur'an that supports slave owners freeing those they have enslaved. It is an English translation. The entity responsible for the translation of the Qur'an is extremely important in the study of the…

Youth in Crisis: Children in the Holocaust

Youth In Crisis.jpg
This educational module explores the experiences of children during the Holocaust. Through a diverse selection of primary sources, this module tells the story of the millions of children who perished and survived great tragedy.

Songs of Shoah: Music and the Holocaust

Songs of Shoah.png
This educational module analyzes music created during the Holocaust in order to understand victims' experiences of the Holocaust. The intensification of Nazi ideology and violence, conditions of life in concentration camps and ghettos, and…

The Four Color Fight: Comics in World War II

Four Color Fight.jpg
This educational module analyzes the role comic books played in World War II. As one of the most beloved pieces of popular culture of the time, comic books offer a unique view of both wartime sentiment and World War II's legacy. Using a selection of…

Revenge and Reconciliation: The Nuremberg Trials

Revenge and Reconciliation.jpg
This educational module examines the origins and the signifiance of the Nuremberg Trials. Following the end of World War II and the Holocaust, the United Nations formed the International Military Tribunal to put on trial an punish those who committed…