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"Moses" Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, full-length portrait, standing with hands on back of a chair

Jonathan Walker in 1848 from an engraving in the book, Trial and imprisonment of Jonathan Walker: at Pensacola, Florida, for aiding slaves to escape from bondage published the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society in Boston

Engraving published as frontpiece of book "Trial and imprisonment of Jonathan Walker: at Pensacola, Florida, for aiding slaves to escape from bondage." Published Boston, at the Anti-Slavery Society Office, 25 Cornhill, 1848

Joint Resolution submitting 13th Amendment to States

Joint Resolution for 13th Amendment.JPG
Resolution of the 13th Amendment, submitted and signed by Abraham Lincoln, as well as being signed by Congress.

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Am I not a Man and a Brother?

This source exemplifies he collective abolitionist idea that slaves are men and humans too. Followed by a verse by J.G. Whittier, it shows a man kneeling asking for freedom.

Declaration of the Anti-slavery Convention

Declaration of the anti-slavery convention.jpg
This text shows how abolitionists were spreading there message and what they were trying to accomplish.

Excerpts from The Khalifate of the West: being a general description of Morocco

K of the west 2.jpg
Originally from, Edmund Sturge, a Quaker and advocate for abolition.The letter in Donald Mackenzie's book addressed Sturge's plea to the Sultan of Morocco to outlaw slavery in the region.


Excerpts from A Visit to the United States in 1841

These are excerpts from Joseph Sturge's book, A Visit to the United States in 1841, and they show what he saw on his visit to the United States. He promoted for the abolition of slavery in the U.S. especiallly after his visit.

A Group of Philadelphia Abolitionists, offset lithograph by F. Gutekunst, ca. 1851

Philedalphia abolitionists .pdf
This image shows a group of Philadelphia abolitionists including Robert Purvis. There is also Lucretia Mott who was a women suffragette and abolitionists.

Appeal of forty thousand citizens, threatened with disfranchisement, to the people of Pennsylvania. Was in response to the Reform Convention.

appeal of forty thoudand citzens pg 1.jpg
This is a manuscript of the writing of Robert Purvis in response to Pennsylvania trying to pass laws to restrict African Americans.