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A Slave-dealer and his customer in Africa

a slave dealer.jpg
This illustration shows a slave dealer making a deal with customers.

Southern Planter: "Pomp, you Rascal! do you see any of those cursed Yankee ships coming this way?"

Omeka Harper's drawing.jpg
This print is a dramatized display of slave master and slave interactions in a southern plantation home.

Duties of Christian Masters

duties of master cover page.png
A book written and published in the United States right before the start of the Civil War about the duties of christian slave masters.

Abolition of the slave trade, or the man the master

Omeka Political Cartoon.jpg
This resource is a political cartoon that shows the reversed rolls of the slave and master, showcasing the brutality of the slave master.

Stowage of the British slave ship Brookes under the regulated slave trade act of 1788

This image of the slave ship Brookes was one of the first images of slavery to which Western societies were exposed. It shows the inhumane conditions that enslaved people had to endure. Note the lack of space and lack of means to dispose of human…

Olney hymns : in three books.

Amazing Grace 1.jpg
'Amazing Grace' hymn written by John Newton, which was later set to music

A slave auction at the south / from an original sketch by Theodore R. Davis.

African American men, women, and children being auctioned off in front of crowd of men.