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Quaker Star

Quaker star.png
This red and black star has been used as a symbol of Quaker service since the late 19th century unofficially, and was officially adopted (with some changes) by the American Friends Service Committee [1] in 1917. Another variation on it is used by the…

Slavery in the U.S. and Morocco TimeMap

TimeMap created by HIST 4426 to chart the evolution of slavery in the U.S. and Morocco from the 7th century through the 20th century a.d.

Underground railroad map of the United States

Underground Railroad map.jpg
Map of the Underground Railroad

Captain Robert Mitchell

This volume contains information regarding a voyage of the ship Fox, a 146 ton brigantine that left Liverpool on March 8, 1774. The ship stopped first in the Cameroons, West Africa, where 148 African people were enslaved and brought aboard. The ship…

Cash! All person that have slaves to dispose of...

Omeka Cash.jpg
This is a 19th century advertisement for the purchase of slaves.


All persons that have SLAVES to dispose of, will do well by giving me a call, as I will give the highest price for Men, Women, & Children. Any person that…

A Slave-dealer and his customer in Africa

a slave dealer.jpg
This illustration shows a slave dealer making a deal with customers.

London, April 18, 1766. A list of the East-India Company's ships. [London, 1766].

Slave Ships.jpg
East India Companies Slave Ships List 1766, on back list of slave names 1784/85.

Duties of Christian Masters

duties of master cover page.png
A book written and published in the United States right before the start of the Civil War about the duties of christian slave masters.