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Declaration of the Anti-slavery Convention

Declaration of the anti-slavery convention.jpg
This text shows how abolitionists were spreading there message and what they were trying to accomplish.

Weimar Germany

Weimar Germany Title Image.png
This educational module focuses on Weimar Germany. The Weimar Republic lasted from 1918 to 1933. This unit looks at the origins of the republic, its government, culture, economy, and eventual decline when the Nazis rose to power.

Map of North Africa

North Africa Map.jpg
Map of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Fifty Years In Chains; or, The Life of an American Slave

Fifty Years in Chains, Intro.JPG
This is the abridged version of the life of Charles Ball. It is an invaluable first-hand account of slavery. Due to the nature of slavery, first-hand account are rare. The account was transcribed by Issac Fisher.

Selective Excerpt from: Fifty Years In Chains; or, The Life of an American Slave

Fifty Years in Chains, Page 150.JPG
This is an excerpt from Fifty Years In Chains; it shows how he views Christianity and the Bible.

The Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad.jpg
This is a print of a picture of slaves escaping from slavery.

Disasters of the 20th Century

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This educational module examines significant disasters of the 20th century and their lasting impact on the globe. These disasters fall into three categories including natural, man-made and biological. Some of these overlap each other and can fall…

The Dred Scott decision: opinion of Chief Justice Taney

Dred Scott Decision.JPG
Excerpt explaining the decision of the Dred Scott case.

Black Morocco: A History of Slavery, Race and Islam

A secondary source that is an analysis of primary sources about the slavery in Morocco.

Monument of King Jaja Opobo

A monument of King Jaja Opobo in the city center of Opobo that regards him as a renowned and generous leader.