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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, full-length portrait, seated in chair, facing front, probably at her home in Auburn, New York

An Old time schooner.
Photo shows the schooner Hattie Hutt - built in Saugatuck, MI., 1873, wrecked 1929; a Great Lakes vessel). Source: Charles Seavey, 2015)

John Kimber

john kimber.jpg
Painting of slave ship captain John Kimber who was accused of murdering slaves onboard his ship

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson

A painting of Thomas Jefferson

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Indipendance 2.jpg.png
The declaration of independence by the thirteen colonies of the British Empire that would become the United States

John Adams

John Adams Portrait.jpg
John Adams by Benjamin Blythe done in Salem in 1766


Man with lacerations from flogging while a slave

An image showing how severely an enslaved person was flogged.

Underground railroad map of the United States

Underground Railroad map.jpg
Map of the Underground Railroad

The Butler Family

This is a photo of the Butler family.