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Youth in Crisis: Children in the Holocaust

Youth In Crisis.jpg
This educational module explores the experiences of children during the Holocaust. Through a diverse selection of primary sources, this module tells the story of the millions of children who perished and survived great tragedy.

World War II on Film: History in Memory

WWII on Film.jpg
This educational module examines the contributions and uses of film during and after World War II. From movies to cartoons to live footage, film played an important role in both garnering the support of the American public as well as bringing theā€¦

Witness to Genocide

Audio Guide for Panel 7 of Voices from the Great War

Weimar Germany

Weimar Germany Title Image.png
This educational module focuses on Weimar Germany. The Weimar Republic lasted from 1918 to 1933. This unit looks at the origins of the republic, its government, culture, economy, and eventual decline when the Nazis rose to power.

Wartime Leadership

Audio Guide for Panel 4 of Voices from the Great War

War in the Skies

Audio Guide for Panel 6 of Voices from the Great War

Voices from the Great War

Audio Guide for Panel 1 of Voices from the Great War

Underground railroad map of the United States

Underground Railroad map.jpg
Map of the Underground Railroad

Triangular Trade, voyage of the Sanderson from Newport, RI, 1752

This is a map of the Triangular Trade that illustrates different locations of the trade in the Caribbean, North America, and Africa.

Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade

Writing by John Newton in 1788 titled 'Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade'. 1st print.