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"Relation de l’Empire de Maroc où l’on voit la situation du pays. Les mœurs, coûtumes, gouvernement, religion et politique des habitans"

An engraving found on the back cover of a book written by François Pidou de Saint Olon. The book was titled "Relation de l'Empire de Maroc" and described Moroccan culture, politics, customs, and religious practices in the late 17th century.


Descripción de la costa de Salé que comprende desde Cavo Blanco

This is a map that shows the coast of Morocco between Casablanca and Salé.

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Habit of one of the guards to the king of Morocco in 1695. Garde du roi de Moroc.

An illustration of one of Sultan Isma'il's slave guards painted by François Pidou de Saint-Olon, the French ambassador to Morocco, in 1695.

It was published in a series of books titled "A Collection of the Dresses of Different Nations, Ancient…

Le Grand Cherif Mouley Sémein ou Ismael

Engraving depicting a portrait of Moulay Ismaïl Ibn Sharif of Morocco. The title, biography, and artist details are in French

Protectorate Treaty Between France and Morocco

Procterate treaty 1.PNG
This is a copy of the Treaty of Fez which was signed between France and the Moroccan sultan making Morocco a French protectorate. This started stricter views on slavery in Morocco.

The Reception of François Pidou de Saint Olon, the Ambassador of Louis XIV of France, by Ismail Ibn Sharif.

An oil painting of the reception of François Pidou de Saint Olon, Ambassador of King Louis XIV of France, by Sultan Moulay Ismael of Morocco on 19 June 1693.

Sultan Isma'il is pictured riding a horse in the center of the image. Ambassador François…