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Thoughts Upon Slavery written by Methodist Leader, John Wesley,

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In 1774, Wesley writes this tract attacking the Slave Trade in Africa, Europe and the Americas. Four editions were written in the span of two years spreading his abolitionist influence across the world.

The Underground Railroad

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This is a print of a picture of slaves escaping from slavery.

The Spirit of Islam: a history of evolution and the ideals of Islam

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Syed Ameer Ali argues for abolition from an Islamic viewpoint

The Reception of François Pidou de Saint Olon, the Ambassador of Louis XIV of France, by Ismail Ibn Sharif.

An oil painting of the reception of François Pidou de Saint Olon, Ambassador of King Louis XIV of France, by Sultan Moulay Ismael of Morocco on 19 June 1693.

Sultan Isma'il is pictured riding a horse in the center of the image. Ambassador François…

The Qur'an Verse 2 Chapter 177

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This is one of the most prominent parts of the Qur'an that supports slave owners freeing those they have enslaved. It is an English translation. The entity responsible for the translation of the Qur'an is extremely important in the study of the…

The North African Campaign: Decolonization and the Second Front

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This educational module examines the role of the North African Campaign in the fall of Germany and the end of World War II. This campaign held great strategic importance and allowed the Allies to gain ground into Germany and Italy. In addition to its…

The memorial statue of Joseph Sturge

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The statue is in memory of Joseph Sturge at his home city of Birmingham, England.

The Manhattan Project

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This educational module examines the history of the Manhattan Project along with its contributions and consequences. The project itself was extensive and composed of many individuals from the scientists who made innovations to the construction…

The Making of the American Soldier in World War II

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This educational module examines the training methods, locations, and stories of American soldiers during World War II. Relying on diverse primary and secondary materials, the unit gives a brief glimpse into the unique experiences of World War II…