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Observations on the scurvy: with a review of the theories lately advanced on that disease ; and the opinions of Dr. Milman refuted from practice

This document provides an account of scurvy seen among enslaved peoples during the Middle Passage. This document also shows the author's belief that some of the ailments could be contributed to the trauma of the slave trade and their capture.

A Tour from Gibraltar to Tangier, Sallee, Mogodore, Santa Cruz, Tarudant; and Thence Over Mount Atlas to Morocco: Including a Particular Account of the Royal Harem, Etc

This account shows the medical beliefs in Morocco surrounding leprosy, particularly in the enslaved Moor population.

Proceedings of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, relative to the prevention of the introduction and spreading of contagious diseases

This document provides an account of the proceedings surrounding enslaved people that died during the Middle Passage.

Slave Population of the United States: 1790-1854

A statistical breakdown of the enslave population of the United States between 1790 and 1854. This accounts for gender and age demographics, population by region and state, and the mortality rate by state. This document also shows the enslaved…

Patterson Family Medical Receipt

Receipt for medical services (visit and medicine) by a local physician, Dr. G. W. Caldwell, to a slave, in 1862. William Patterson paid $10 for the doctor's services. It is unknown whether the slave was owned by Patterson or if he was acting on…