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Round The Circle Of Buyers The Auctioneer Led The Slaves.

An illustration of a slave market in Marrakesh by British landscape and figure painter, Archibald Stevenson Forrest.

Watercolor reproductions of Forrest's oil paintings appeared in a series of travel books published by A & C Black in the early…

The Dred Scott decision: opinion of Chief Justice Taney

Dred Scott Decision.JPG
Excerpt explaining the decision of the Dred Scott case.

Proceedings of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, relative to the prevention of the introduction and spreading of contagious diseases

This document provides an account of the proceedings surrounding enslaved people that died during the Middle Passage.

Patterson Family Medical Receipt

Receipt for medical services (visit and medicine) by a local physician, Dr. G. W. Caldwell, to a slave, in 1862. William Patterson paid $10 for the doctor's services. It is unknown whether the slave was owned by Patterson or if he was acting on…

London, April 18, 1766. A list of the East-India Company's ships. [London, 1766].

Slave Ships.jpg
East India Companies Slave Ships List 1766, on back list of slave names 1784/85.

Slavery in the U.S. and Morocco TimeMap

TimeMap created by HIST 4426 to chart the evolution of slavery in the U.S. and Morocco from the 7th century through the 20th century a.d.

Duties of Christian Masters

duties of master cover page.png
A book written and published in the United States right before the start of the Civil War about the duties of christian slave masters.

Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade

Writing by John Newton in 1788 titled 'Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade'. 1st print.


Excerpts from A Visit to the United States in 1841

These are excerpts from Joseph Sturge's book, A Visit to the United States in 1841, and they show what he saw on his visit to the United States. He promoted for the abolition of slavery in the U.S. especiallly after his visit.