Charles Ball on Religion and Revolution

Fifty Years in Chains, Page 150.JPG

This select excerpt from Charles Ball's Fifty Years in Chains provides a first-hand example of what one who was enslaved though about concerning religion and revolution. 

What makes this interesting is how Ball is esscentially saying that he cannot believe in a world where peaceful coexsistance is possible. He does npt believe that both enslaved and enslaver will be taken to Heaven on equal footing. It is a refutal of Chrisitanity and a call-to-arms. That is what makes hsi thoughts on religion so different that the aformentioned slave songs. 

Ball, who fought for the United States during the War of 1812, is saying assimilation into the Christian religion is not likely.

These two pages are quite a bit to unpack so please feel free to read them over twice or thrice.