noun  trad·er  \ ˈtrā-dər \

1: a person whose business is buying and selling or barter: such as
a merchant
a person who buys and sells (something, such as stocks or commodities futures) in search of short-term profits

Omeka Cash.jpg

This document is an advertisement for the sale and purchase of enslaved people. The author of the advertisement, Thomas Griggs, is a slave trader. This document tells us that Griggs would purchase unwanted slaves and claims to pay the "highest price" for them. This piece dates back to Charlestown, 1835. 

a slave dealer.jpg

This drawing illustrates what a slave sale looked like. The dealer is bartering with his customer over the value of the enslaved people he has brought to him. This drawing was created in 1929. 


This is an export statement from Charleston, South Carolina. The reciept shows agricultural exports, including indigo, cotton, and slaves.