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Joseph Sturge was an abolitionist from England who was heavily involved in the abolition of slavey after his visit to the West Indies. He felt slavery needed to be abolished especially from his Christian beliefs and he wanted to address there was no justification for slavery in the Bible. The memorial is in remerance of him as an activist for the abolition of slavery and his involvement in many anti-slavery societies.


Richard Furman was the first president of the South Carolina State Baptist Convention

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An Exposition of the views of the Baptists written by Richard Furman. 

Richard Furman served in history as the face of the early 19th century Baptist Church in South Carolina. In his Exposition of the Views of Slavery, he provides the religious perspective of the Baptists on the abolition movement. He specifically discusses the Colored population and exemplifies why it would be an issue to free so many slaves in fear of an armed uprising.

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The Spirit of Islam: a history of evolution and the ideals of Islam, was written Syed Ameer Ali. 

Syed Ameer Ali was an English Indian who was a political leader with massive influence around the world on the subject of Islam and what the stance Muslims should have on the abolition of slavery. Although he is not a religious leader, his writing has influenced leaders in Europe and the Americas on what the Islamic viewpoint was in the early 20th century.