This image appeared in Harper's Weekly on July 13, 1861, five months after Texas became the last of the seven original slave states to secede from the Union ad join the Confederacy. It is captioned simply "A slave Auction at the South" from an original sketch by Theodore R. Davis. A reference to "Austin" on the banner announcing the auction makes Texas a possibility for the site of this "typical" slave auction.

Faces of Slavery explores the concept of slavery through the eyes of people who experienced it. To compare and contrast slavery and its legacies in the U.S. and Morocco, Faces of Slavery emphasizes how peole fit into larger systems. To do so, the exhibit interprets the legacies of slavery for four distinct but overlapping classes of people: 

This interactive map showcases two side-by-side examples of slave trades in the U.S. and Morocco during the 18th century.


To learn more about the history of slavery in the U.S. and Morocco, please take a look at this timeline